Engineers Against Poverty is an independent, lean organisation that bridges the divide between research, policy and practice. We work across different programmes that are different in nature. We maximise our impact by collaborating with strategic partners.

Our history

We are historically rooted in the engineering community, reflecting the profession’s long experience of working in countries deeply affected by poverty and desire to make a difference. Our core constituency included companies and engineering institutions supporting a progressive agenda on tackling issues like local content and the welfare of workers. They have helped to establish us as an agenda setting organisation and thought leader within our field, seeking to tackle policies, procedures and practices that perpetuate poor performance within the sector and unsustainable outcomes.

Where we are now

Without abandoning our roots, our work has broadened over the years and extended beyond the role of the engineering profession. Our work focusses on how public infrastructure contributes to improving quality of life, reducing poverty and mitigating the impact of climate change. More specifically, we specialise in enhancing the systems and procedures used to deliver infrastructure, ensuring these are transparent, participatory, accountable and efficient.

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