Our beliefs and values

Our beliefs

Around the world there is a greater appetite for infrastructure investment and delivery to meet global challenges. While this is a welcome development, we believe that infrastructure of the 21st century must foster inclusive growth and social equity by being affordable, accessible and resilient. It must provide value for money but also value for many.

Our values

Our values reflect our role and belief in improving infrastructure outcomes for the many:

Social Equity – We believe that poor people should benefit more from infrastructure investment. They need decent jobs, better working conditions, opportunities to influence public policy and access to good quality and affordable services.

Integrity – We are an independent organisation that behaves openly, honestly and consistently, promoting and upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

Collaboration – We build strategic partnerships to share knowledge, maximise impact and encourage and build collective action approaches to identify common solutions.

Accountability – We are open, transparent and accountable to our stakeholders and beneficiaries. We identify issues and mechanisms that allow stakeholders to hold decision-makers to account.