EAP annual report 2018
ILO Migrant Work and Employment in the Construction Sector

Migrant Work and Employment in the Construction Sector – ILO

This ILO report by Michelle Buckley, Adam Zendel, Jeff Biggar, Lia Frederiksen and Engineer Against Poverty’s Jill Wells focuses specifically on international temporary migrants to explore how this group of workers is currently being incorporated into local labour markets. It examines some of the intersecting factors – political, institutional, economic and geographical – that can make migrants employed in the sector vulnerable to exploitation or substandard working conditions.

The report provides a review of the literature documenting migrants’ contribution to construction globally, as well as case studies of migrants’ roles in the construction labour markets of five specific countries: the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Canada and South Africa. Its conclusions and recommendations are also based on interviews with selected employers, union officials and government staff.