EAP Podcast: Transforming public procurement

In our latest EAP podcast, John Hawkins speaks with speaks with Vinay Sharma, Senior Procurement Advisor at the World Bank about his long and distinguished career with Indian Railways, the African Development Bank and more recently as Director for the World Bank’s Global Governance Practice.

In their conversation, John and Vinay reflect on the recent publication of the World Bank stocktaking report, ‘A Global Procurement Partnership for Sustainable Development’ and how procurement is transforming from a transactional approach focused on economy and efficiency to a broader policy-based approach that furthers economic development and social value.

They highlight why a modern public procurement system is a fundamental component of green, resilient, and inclusive development and how an EAP report entitled, ‘modifying infrastructure procurement to enhance social development’ influenced the debate. They also discuss the trade-offs governments will need to consider if they wish to promote local content in their construction industry. Finally, Vinay speaks on the role of the new Global Procurement Partnership in supporting governments in implementing this new approach to procurement.