EAP Podcast: CoST & climate change

In our latest podcast, Pamela Acheng (pictured above right) from the University of Makerere, Uganda and Diana Rosa (pictured above left), the Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator for CoST Honduras to discuss the impact of climate change in their respective countries.

In late 2020, Honduras was devastated hurricanes Eta and Iota that occurred within days of each other killing 95 people with nearly 100,000 people requiring emergency shelter. Diana reflects on how the hurricanes impacted local communities and how CoST Honduras highlighted how deforestation had exacerbated the damage to vital infrastructure.

We also hear from Pamela how increasing temperatures, flooding and landslides is accelerating the ageing of infrastructure in Uganda and that an absence of weather data is creating a challenge for civil engineers to design infrastructure that mitigates the impact of extreme weather.

Along with host and EAP Programme Director, John Hawkins, Pamela and Diana go on to discuss the potential of digital tools such as INFRAS for promoting greater transparency and accountability and how procurement needs to be rethought if we are to deliver low carbon, resilient infrastructure.