What are the key tools and approaches to build infrastructure back better? EAP brings together opinion formers at OECD Anti-Corruption Forum

Covid-19 has exposed critical gaps in healthcare and other vital infrastructure leaving few to doubt that building resilience against similar crises will require huge investment in infrastructure and services. Similarly, financial institutions have recognised the importance of infrastructure in the economic recovery.

Despite this recognition, uncertainty remains on how governments will react. Could we see cuts to public expenditure and a return to austerity? Or will governments borrow and invest to create jobs and stimulate the economy? What is agreed is that every penny must be spent wisely, with calls for better governance and innovative technologies and approaches to help ensure this.

EAP has been selected as a Knowledge Partner of the virtual 2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum. In our interactive panel session on 25 March we will bring together influential thinkers, practitioners and innovators to look at the future of infrastructure investment, the integrity risks facing investment and how these can be overcome. The session will explore digital tools such as open data platforms, data analytics and blockchain technology and approaches in financing to manage risk and help mobilise private investment.

Insights shared during the session will be particularly valuable for low-income countries who face mounting debt and significant infrastructure investment needs to meet the sustainable development goals. They will also be key in building infrastructure back better, ensuring resilience against future crisis and helping to deliver green and inclusive infrastructure.

Spanish interpretation will be available.

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25 March 2021, 2pm – 3.30pm GMT

Natalie Forysuk, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Ukraine.

Ms Margarita Barraquer Sourdis, General Secretary, City of Bogotá, Colombia.

Rajiv Lal, founder and former Chair of the Infrastructure Development Finance Company, India.

Camilo Cetina, Main Lead – Integrity and Governance, Development Bank of Latin America (CAF).

Petter Matthews, former Chair of the C20 Infrastructure Working Group (2019 and 2020) and EAP Executive Director.