New CoST film shines a light on corruption in public infrastructure

A new film demonstrates the potential benefits from increased transparency and accountability in public infrastructure.

In an interview for the film, Immediate Past President of the UK Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and former President of the Federation of International Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Geoff French states that “… corruption occurs in the shadows. The great thing about CoST is it shines a light on the dark areas and illuminates them”.

By shining a light on public infrastructure, the film highlights how CoST has contributed to over $8m in cost savings and how these savings can be reinvested in schools, hospitals and the local economy.

EAP Programme Manager John Hawkins was closely involved in producing the film. He said: “The film provides examples of the human benefits that CoST can help achieve. It’s essential that whilst we grapple with the political and technical challenges of improving transparency, we don’t forget that the ultimate impact of these efforts is improvements in the lives of ordinary people.

EAP hosts the CoST International Secretariat and John Hawkins in the CoST Programme Manager.