Infrastructure governance and public investment management

Our focus within this area looks at improving infrastructure governance and public investment management by strengthening transparency, participation and accountability in the delivery of public infrastructure – from procurement and contracting through to delivery and maintenance. This allows spending on infrastructure to be inclusive for all, helps to reduce corruption and inefficiency in the sector and promotes reforms which improve infrastructure outcomes over the long term.

Our work on this issue

CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative

Engineers Against Poverty (EAP) hosts the International Secretariat for CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative,  an international programme which increases transparency and accountability in public infrastructure.

To carry out its mission, CoST works with government, industry and civil society to promote the disclosure, validation and interpretation of data from infrastructure projects. This helps to inform and empower citizens and enables them to hold decision-makers to account. Informed citizens and responsive public institutions help drive reforms that reduce mismanagement, inefficiency, corruption and the risks posed to the public from poor quality infrastructure.

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UK Anti-Corruption Forum

EAP is also a founding member of the UK Anti-Corruption Forum which brings together businesses, UK business associations, institutions and organisations with the objective of creating a business environment that is free from corruption and gives rise to fairer competition.

To achieve this objective the Forum:

  • Develops and promotes actions to eliminate corruption
  • Co-operates with government agencies, business organisations, international funding agencies and other stakeholders to develop and introduce fair and effective anti-corruption legislation and procedures.

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Future work in this area

Over the coming year we will begin to develop a series of policy and practice briefings on infrastructure governance and public investment management. These briefings will cover critical issues and fill a gap in where there is demand for better evidence to inform decision-making – such as the value for money from public private partnership infrastructure projects.