Areas of work

Our three core areas of work are as follows:

1. Infrastructure governance and public investment management

This area focusses on improving infrastructure governance and public investment management through further strengthening transparency, participation and accountability in the delivery of public infrastructure — from the appraisal, procurement and contracting of infrastructure projects through to delivery and maintenance. This democratises spending on infrastructure, reduces corruption and inefficiency in the sector and promotes reforms that are tailored towards improving the effectiveness of infrastructure outcomes.

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2. Social equity, inclusive growth and fair opportunities

This looks at ensuring infrastructure investment, procurement and construction have positive impacts on social equity, growth and opportunities through the creation of decent and long-term jobs. This involves engaging local professionals and contractors in the supply chain and addressing gender, modern slavery and other social issues in the way it is financed, designed and built.

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3. Sustainable and resilient infrastructure

This area promotes the design of public infrastructure which takes into account the forecasted impacts of climate change and seeks to minimise and mitigate these impacts especially for economic and socially vulnerable groups. This requires infrastructure projects to have a resilient and innovative design and construction to achieve carbon neutrality and other positive climate impacts.

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